is a small nursery & farm in north Idaho specializing in fragrant and lesser known ornamental, edible & useful plants for northern climates, plus herbal necessities using herbs and flowers from our gardens, woods and fields.  

        Scented flowers & foliage, night-blooming plants, a vase of amazing cut flowers for the window sill; we offer all these plants & more, with a special yen for the unusual, the far-flung and the hard-to-find.   Cottage garden plants, alpine lovelies, herbs from around the world, exotic fruits all find a place here.  Plus, of course, anything blue.
        We grow a wide range of fragrant herbs, Primula, species Peonies, Penstemons, species & heirloom Roses, culinary, dyers' and perfumers' plants, Western native plants and more....all depending on whim and interest.   2016 will see a lot of changes, with a return to more shade plants and woodies.  Shipping is on Pause until thaws come :)

Check out our recipes, lore, reading and how-to pages for ideas and tips on cooking with, using and gardening with herbs and fragrant plants.  Visit our blog In Paradise, where we chat about gardening & farming, soapmaking, cooking, etc.
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