is a small nursery & farm in north Idaho specializing in fragrant and lesser known ornamental, edible & useful plants for northern climates, plus herbal necessities using herbs and flowers from our gardens, woods and fields.  

        Scented flowers & foliage, night-blooming plants, a vase of amazing cut flowers for the window sill; we offer all these plants & more, with a special yen for the unusual, the far-flung and the hard-to-find.   Cottage garden plants, alpine lovelies, herbs from around the world, exotic fruits all find a place here.  Plus, of course, anything blue.
        We grow a wide range of fragrant herbs, Primula, species Peonies, Penstemons, species & heirloom Roses, culinary, medicinal, dyers' and perfumers' plants, Western native plants and more....all depending on whim and interest.   2015 is seeing more changes, returning more to prims and peonies and penstemons, things for the hummingbirds, the vase, the photo and the dyepot.

Check out our recipes, lore, reading and how-to pages for ideas and tips on cooking with, using and gardening with herbs and fragrant plants.  Visit our blog In Paradise, where we chat about gardening & farming, soapmaking, cooking, etc.
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